By Bill / September 13, 2016

The City will be installing a gravity sewer main on Ha’iku Road from Kahakili Hwy to Kamehameha Hwy. A meeting will be held September 15 from 6:30 to 8:30 at Ha’iku Elementary School to inform the public about the project and to discuss the EA. The official announcement can be viewed by clicking here: haiku-road-bypass-sewer

Windward Homeless Coalition Mtg

By Bill / August 15, 2016
Windward Homeless Alliance meeting next Monday, Aug 22nd 6-7:30pm at the Key Project, just mauka of the Kahaluu District Park. 

Informal meeting of Windward Non-Profits, Churches & Individuals who R interested in 
helping our Homeless/Houseless.   Short update on HUD & Homeless Count.  Darlene Pieces of PACT will speak about the Coordinated Entry System for Resources.    

(need maybe 3 people to Set-up chairs, 3 people to take out- away chairs,  
Cooler/water & cups, napkins & possibly small non-messy snacks). Mahalo 
Bill 808-375-1114

Cyntha Thielen vs Joan Hood – it is a very tight race.

I’m a proud Democrat and I am helping organize District 50(Kailua).

District 50 is currently represented by Cynthia Thielen(R). Rep Thielen is in the toughest race of her career against ultra-conservative Joan Hood.

As of this voting year, there is no Democratic Candidate opposing the Republicans in the Primary election for District 50 State Representative. As usual, no Democrats have run in this Primary because Republican Representative Cynthia Thielen has always been so popular with Democrats and Republicans alike.

This year, Cynthia Thielen is running against Joan Hood, and no Democrat stepped up to run in the General Election. Thielen is one of the few moderate Republicans. Hood is ultra conservative and opposes everything the Democratic Party stands for.

In the Primary, we have to pick and vote for only one party. Except, in the bipartisan Mayor’s race, we can vote for whomever we want.

Democrat Ikaika Anderson is running unopposed in the Primary and General
Democrat Laura Thielen is running unopposed in the Primary
The votes for Mayor are bipartisan, and will be on all ballots no matter what their party.
Democrats Tulsi Gabbard and Brian Schatz are both in good shape for winning their reelection Primaries.

So the question is, if we are going to have a Republican Representative for District 50 anyway, do we want to make sure Representative Thielen gets the help she needs, or do we want to risk Republicans electing Joan Hood?

You decide on August 13, 2016.

Going forward, we never want to see a situation were District 50 lacks a Democratic contender. This illustrates why it is so important for you to be active in your party

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Management by Objectives

Whether I am organizing project management or I need help organizing my life, Management by Objectives (MBO) is as viable today as it was when Peter Drucker introduced it to the world in the 1950s. MBO has been refined a bit over the years, but it is still a straight forward, simple way to bring order out of chaos in your life or in your project.

Working together

Working together is the best way to accomplish mutual goals.

Drucker told us to know what we wanted to accomplish and define the steps necessary to accomplish our goals. We are to break down our goals into actions steps that can be accomplished in less than a month and which will guide our team step by step to accomplish our goal.Those small steps Drucker called our objectives. Management by Objectives is not only a guide to accomplishing our goals, it is motivational because each objective you check gets you one step closer to your goal.

MBO can organize our lives, our vacation or a trip to the moon. As a matter of fact, MBO was a vital tool in guiding our trips to the moon. Find out more.

SB3034 Marcy’s Law as of 4/19/16

Marcy’s law is legislation to ensure the victim has rights as well as the accused. The legislation assures the victim standing in court and requires the victim be notified as to the status of the perpetrator. The victim can participate in parole hearings and will be notified if the perpetrator is released from prison. There is more and if you want the details click here.

If you believe victims of crime should have rights defined in law, encourage these legislators to pass SB3034.

SB3034 is in Conference.  Conference Committees do not take testimony so the only way to influence this legislation is to talk directly with Conference Committee Members.  Call today. Time is short.

House Conferees are:
Rhoads, 586-6180 and LoPresti, 586-6080 are Co-Chairs of the committee
House Committee Members are
San Buenaventura, 586-6530
Pouha, 586-6380

Senate Conferees are:
Keith-Agaran 586-7344 Chair; Tokuda 587-7215 Co-Chair;
Senate Committee member Gabbard. 586-6830

Kailua Citizen Emergency Response Team (CERT) Meeting

Hurricane Iniki

Hurricane Iniki – be ready

Kailua CERT meeting will be held on April 19 @ 6:30pm in the Castle Medical Center auditorium. A mini search and rescue and medical treatment area exercise will be held.  Clem and Lesley will be evaluating participants on how well they implement their CERT skills.  Please review the standard operating guidelines before the Tuesday meeting.

WE NEED SURVIVORS.  If you do not have a search and rescue or medical treatment area role, please come and be a survivor.  Family members are welcome to be survivors.  Please email me if you are coming as a survivor.
If you are a Kailua CERT member, please bring the following:
CERT backpack
Pants, Kailua CERT tshirt (if you have one), closed toe shoes
Hard hat
Work gloves
N95 Mask
FRS radio (extras available if you do not yet have one) – no Ham radios
Flashlight/head lamp (we may or may not do a dark exercise)
Search & Rescue (auditorium)
SAR Team Leader – Ed
Triage – Jeffrey & Aloha
Extract – Rod & Barbara
Extract – John & Carol
Medical Treatement Area (Pikake Room)
MTA Team Leader – Open
Intake – Dana
First Aid workers – Claudine, Bear, Howard, Jane, Colette, Judy
Let me know if you have any questions!

Leslie Kahihikolo  WH6ESY
Kailua CERT Coordinator
Kailua Alert & Prepared (nonprofit) Co-Chair

Somthing wrong here

NoburoA 95 year old 442sd WWII veteran and his wife want to live together in the care home of their choice. When Noburo needed a higher level of care and was sent to a 3-bed home.  Per state law, a 3-bed home must reserve 2 of its beds for Medicaid residents and only 1 bed can be private-pay.  There is no shortage of Medicaid beds – in fact, the 3rd bed in Noboru’s care home is empty!  All Noboru wants is to have his wife with him at this stage of his long life.

HB600 will resolve this injustice. HB600 is has passed both the House and the Senate and is currently in Conference Committee.  Senator Takuda is blocking action on HB600. It is going to take strong public pressure to make her realize  her support of the Large Care Home Lobby is wrong.  Large Care Homes want private pay patients because they can charge them 3-4 times what they get paid by medicare.  That is where the opposition is coming from.

Yes, I support HB600

Planning our future

Globalization and technology have changed the world.

RobotThe only thing we can be sure of is to change will only accelerate. Everything I read emphasizes the sharp divide between the outlook for unskilled labor versus the future for creative people.

Routine labor will be replaced by robots and algorithms. We can expect 25% of our white-collar jobs will be replaced by machines in the next 10 years. In isolated locations where jobs are scarce, only people who can develop a work-from-anywhere Internet business will have a secure financial future.

Creative people will always be in demand.

It is important to plan for the future. When I talk about planning for the future, I’m not just talking about investing in a 401(k). We have to plan for the big changes brought on by technology, globalization and the changing environment.
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Global Collaboration Tools

My mission is to help people around the world become more resilient in the face of an ever more chaotic world.

Global World

We can change world using small groups working for common goals.

We must work on our local problems because that is where our ability lies. But regional and global problems require a common effort. We must bring local groups together to solve global problems. The International Union of Conservationists for Nature (IUCN)is the oldest and largest international conservation organization in the world. Their approach is to coördinate and support the conservation efforts of local groups. In our modern world the person who controls the data has the power.

For instance, ivory poaching is not just a problem for Kenya, it is a global problem because China and the USA are the biggest world markets for black market blood ivory.  The internet gives us the tools we need to share local problems with the world and to find the support needed to solve major environmental problems.

Globalization gives us both problems and opportunities.  One thing we know is that globalization will continue in ways that are difficult to imagine. If we are to use globalization effectively and for the benefit of humanity we must access and share appropriate data. We know applications that help people work together must be easy to use and immediately functional.  The cloud facilitates access to common data which can be used by geographically diverse teams in real-time. The problem is to pull it all together in a way that facilitates team building.

Building effective global teams become exponentially more difficult as projects become more complex.

Leadership for changing the world must work with local teams from around the world to build team trust and commitment to common goals. Leaders must understand cultural differences and work to improve cultural sensitivity within the team.

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