I just received an email with the above title.  A little research shows how this email distorts the facts.  Its an example of how liars are trying to confusing the voting public and how gullible people cause these lying email to go viral.

Iʻd like to know who voted for the loopholes in the “Buy American” law that allows our state to buy foreign steel.  Are those loopholes reasonable.  Probably, we should be asking, “Should we be buying foreign steel for American funded projects?”  Mit Romney and the free market people would give you a resounding “YES”.  Iʻm not so sure.

Why canʻt American steel companies compete with the Chinese?  Because the Chinese pay a tenth of what American Companies pay and probably use slave labor as well.  Their work places are dangerous and their environmental record is atrocious.  Is this a race to the bottom where American labor must accept similar conditions?  Many in Corporate America would like to make it so, and if the Republicans gain power in Congress, it will happen.  The 2012 election will determine if America continues to have our Government dominated Big Corporations,

Do you know the definition of Fascism?  There are many but the simplest is “The partnership of Big Business and Government”  That is the Republican agenda.

I used to be a Rockefeller Republican.  Today, Iʻm a proud Democrat, because what has happened to the Republican Party scares me to death.

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