Haleiwa Sunset

Years ago the city sold a small park at Point Panic to Andy Anderson in a very quiet sweet heart deal to Andy Anderson so he could build his restaurant. The place has a beautiful view and people who wanted to surf parked there to surf publics.

Now, Mr Martin wants to give away 3.5 acres of city park land in a limited bid process where Andy Anderson is going to get another sweet deal. I don’t know where Mr. Anderson gets his juice, but this reeks of cronyism.

Just because a park has not been developed on that 3.5 acres doesn’t mean there should not be a park. Mr. Anderson has an interesting proposal to build a hotel. Haleiwa must decide if they want a hotel or more park.

I attended a meeting of the Haleiwa Neighborhood Board where 300 people tried to testify in a room designed for 75. The chair refused to let the first person at the microphone speak and adjourned the meeting before it even started. There has not been any other opportunity for public discussion so far as I know.

Haleiwa get your act together and decide what you want. Don’t let Chair Martin slip this past you. You plan your future. Don’t let a developer decide what is best for you.