Environmental Coalition for Hawaii

The Environmental Coalition for Hawaii is a hui of people concerned about the future Hawaii we leave to our kids.  It is an informal, non-partisan coalition of people who care about our environment and who want to influence our future.

This is where you can come together to advocate for issues that are important to you and a place where you can learn about the records of candidates you will be voting for.  We will have differences of opinion of course.  That’s expected. We appreciate different opinions.  Main thing, respect those differences.  Simply let people come together to advocate for the issue or candidate they believe in.  By sharing information, we will be stronger.  By working together, we will are more effective.

I’ve set up a mailing list for the EC at  http://eepurl.com/nN0Fn .  Please click on the link to add your name to the list and share this link wide and far with everyone you know.  We will use this bulk email server for official communications with everyone concerned about the future of Hawaii.  Spread the word.  Ask your friends to join the list and get thousands of people joining us.

We can impact elections and with environmental sensitive legislators we can impact the future of Hawaii.