Kanohowailuku Helm is an independent Candidate for Senate District 7.  He chose to run as an independent candidate because he “watched Democratic Party leaders sacrifice Molokai and Lanai to Party interests and corporate convenience.”

It is a challenge to run as an independent but, it is also a challenge to vote as an independent. The way our primaries work, you have to select a nonpartisan ballot to vote for an independent candidate like Mr. Helm.   But you won’t be able to vote for Democrat or Republican candidates for other state and federal offices (you can vote for county offices, because those are nonpartisan.) In the primary on Aug. 11, when you vote as an independent, you are forced to give up other choices.

There is one other way you can help Mr Helm. You can vote a Democrat or Republican ballot, but leave the line for State Senator District 7 blank. Don’t vote for anyone for that office. The lower the total votes for Senate, the easier for Mr Helm to reach the general election. He must get at least 10% of the vote to move forward to the general election.  The lower the vote for that office the easier for him to reach the magic 10%
For more information Google “Kanohowailuku Helm”, or click here to see his article in the Molokai Dispatch.