Weekly crime statistics for the week ending Aug. 4th, 2012:
Burglaries – One burglary occurred on Pukoa Street during the afternoon/early evening hours.
Entry was made via a louvered window at the rear of the house.
UEMVs – Twelve, TWELVE cars were broken into. Five of these were in Lanikai. Two UEMVs were at trailheads,
four in commercial parking lots and the last one occurred at a residence on Auwaiku. Half of these occurred
during the daylight hours. Six UEMVs were “smash and grabs”, four were via unlocked entry and two locks
were punched.
Good News!
An employee was identified along with 2 other suspects after they burglarized KJ’s restaurant. The male
employee was arrested!
A Waimanalo male was arrested for a burglary that occurred in May after an HPD officer recovered his finger
prints from the scene. This burglary occurred at a residence that was being fumigated/tented.
Yesterday, two females were seen (and caught/arrested away from the scene) breaking into a car in Lanikai.
Hooray for the witness who observed the break-in and called in the description as well as the license plate!!!
National Night Out Against Crime event was a HUGE success. NSW and Citizen’s Patrol members from all over O’ahu came to the Kailua event this past Tuesday. We fed 1000+ courtesy of donations and Job Corps Hawaii’s wonderful culinary students! The information booths as well as the entertainment were enjoyed by all! Mahalo to those of you that were able to come out to celebrate ! ! !

An organized neighborhood is a safer neighborhood.  If you want to organize you neighbors contact dsamson@honolulu.gov.