Live your dreams

Sailboat at Heeia Small Boat Harbor

Are you living your dream?

If  Congress takes us off the cliff with massive cuts in federal programs at the end of the year, we’re likely to see a double dip depression like this country has never experienced.

In this uncertain world, how can we maximize our financial resilience? The only way I know is for us to work together to help each other create financial security.

I’m an affiliate marketer specializing in helping people create independent incomes. You can develop a lucrative business working part time on the Internet. Take an hour or 2 a day to secure your financial independence.

I look for businesses that are well-managed, well-financed and have price competitive, quality products I can sell. I only work with businesses that pay me commissions on the sales volume created by my organization. The business model I endorse is multilevel marketing. Everyone I help develop their own business contributes to my income. That’s people helping people.

One of the companies I’m excited about provides unlimited voice, text and data cell phone service for $49 a month and they pay a commission based on the cell phone use of everyone in my organization. Check it out at I think you’ll like it.