Romneyʻs tax plan can work if he implements a 30% reduction in the tax deductions available to everyone making more than $100,000 a year.

Romney adviser Martin Feldstein, one of America’s most distinguished tax economists, recently crunched the numbers of the Romney tax plan in The Wall Street Journal. Against those who claim that Romney’s tax plan is arithmetically impossible, Feldstein argues it could be done.  But, it will hit our small business people the hardest.  Click here to read the article.

In other words, a big tax cut of greatest value to those earning more than $500,000 a year will be offset by a tax increase that will fall most heavily on those who earn between $100,000 and $300,000 of taxable income.  Is this anyway to encourage people to create jobs and become successful?

No one has mentioned the effect of a Romney administration on our environment.  He wlll eliminate all restrictions on business activities .  He will de-fund all regulatory agencies.  He doesnʻt care about worker safety or water sources polluted by fracking.  He does not care that coal companies are blowing the tops off the Appalachian Mounts and filling mountain valleys with tailings. To him the BP oil spill in the Gulf is just the cost of doing business.

A Romney administration will cut Federal Government programs that support basic programs without which States will either have to raise taxes or will have to fire teachers, fireman, police and many others.  Repairing our infrastructure will continue to be a low priority.  The Republican Congress has blocked every attempt of the Obama Administration to set up a comprehensive infrastructure repair program.

TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS DOESNʻT TRICKLE DOWN.  Youʻve seen the desperate economic situation the Bush administration left us.  Do you want more of the same on steroids?

This election will have a profound effect on the future of our country.  A Republican administration will consolidate the Big Business/Government partnership that will drive down wages and encourage a business at any cost environment.  Work places will be more dangerous.  Foreign policy will be based on who can draw and shoot the fastest.  Businesses ship jobs overseas will continue to have favorable tax deductions.

If you believe in an everyone for himself, vote Republican

If you believe in self-reliance and working together for our mutual benefit vote Democratic.

For Republicans, the only function of Government is National Security and they plan to increase military spending at least a trillion dollars. Every other function of the Federal Government will be de-funded out of existence.

Democrats want to maintain our social safety nets and invest in science, education and they want to create a tax structure that encourages quality jobs to stay home.

It is a stark difference and your vote will determine the future of this country for generations.