Take a lesson from the Jersey Shore.  Engineers are taught to conquer nature, but nature usually wins.  So far, the Dutch have succeeded to hold back the sea, but will they continue to succeed against super storms and rising seas? Check out this video and then think about the Envision Laie development that proposes to build luxury mansions on the Kahuku foredune.

Man is destroying Godʻs creation in just 7 generations. Deaf and dumb politicians heed not the warnings of our scientists.  In the lifetime of my great grand children they will see a 7 degree rise in average earth temperature and a 10 foot rise in the ocean.  That is not the world I want to leave to my kids.

What can we do?

All anyone can do is to continue to share what we know about our environment with others and fight to elect politicians who understand what we must do to maintain the quality of life on earth.