This article is about building relationships in business, but it applies to all your life as well.

It is the law of Entropy states that without energy input everything  comes to a stop.  

That is as true of friendships as it is of engines.  The gasoline that powers you friendships are expressions of love.  You have to stay in touch, and a Christmas card once a year is not enough.  Let your friends know you care about them often. Check in and see how they are doing.  The most important thing in life and in business is the friends you make.  Iʻm not talking about acquaintances you may know well enough to say “hi” to when you see them in a crowd.  Iʻm talking about people you can call on for help when you need it. These are people you will drop everything for when they need help.  Friends are people you have a close relationship with.  You can turn an acquaintance into a friends.  You can make customers your friends.  It takes time.  Just show people you care about them.

This article talks about creating business relationships.  The tips are important for all aspects of your life.