The smart light bulb is here

LIFX raised an incredible 1.3 million dollars with this simple video and kickstart.  Talk about modern technology for more resilient living.  LIFX saves you money and makes life easier.  It is energy-efficient LED lighting at its best.  Think about how Kickstart can help finance your projects.  This video is short.  It shows exactly what the project is and it ends with how a contributor can benefit by helping fund the project.

Get pono – Dealing with depression

I have a friend who is a very creative artist and photographer. She is also the General Manager for her husband’s business. She keeps everything going and it is a 24/7 high stress job.  We are working on a website to market her work.  She called me today to cancel her appointment.  She is feeling overwhelmed and depressed.  I told her to take a break, pack a lunch and go to the beach.  Sometimes on the River of Life, you have to pull up on the shore, study the river and decide how best to navigate to your dreams.

Good, but superficial, advice.

The book by my daughter, “A River Worth Riding” may be helpful.  It is not a how-to book, but it does teach you how to think about life in a positive and productive way.  The way to get the most out of it is to focus on one of the Chapters each week.  14 Chapters in 14 weeks.  Then do it a gain.  Repetition builds habits.  Lynn is available for one on one coaching.  Think of it as a personal trainer for the mind.

Specifically, to deal with being over whelmed look at Chapter 11, page 178 talks about your spirit and how we can get so caught up in day-to-day stuff that we lose track of what is important.


Let me summarize what we must do to reconnect with our spirit.  Here are some suggestion on becoming pono:

  • Meditate.  Simply clear your mind.  Sit comfortably in an upright position so you can breathe from you diaphragm.  Focus all you attention on you ki.  Ki is the center of balance in your body. Ki is an amorphous, undefinable force, but it is generally described as the energy of life itself. It binds all living things together and gives each person his or her spiritual, physical and mental power.  Hawaiians call it being pono.
  • Practice silence.  There is a trail to the top of the ridge behind my house.  At the end of the trail is a lookout point where I can sit and look out over Kaneohe and Kailua.  I sit quietly and listen to the  wind. On the way back, I can think about the things that are important to me. Silence is my favorite form of prayer.
  • Art can reconnect your spirit.  Your own art can be a form of mediation.  Don’t let anything interrupt you when you are creating.  Your creations are an expression of your spirit.  They don’t have to be master pieces, but they do reflect you spirit.  Study other’s art.  You will be surprise how you connect with the artist.

  • Mt Shukstan

    This is my church.

    Try getting outside and experiencing nature.  Some of the best times of my life have been back country camping with my family.  But, if you are fighting depression, go alone.  I was mediating on the beach.  Time stood still and I was aware of nothing, not enven the sun and the wind.  As I came out of it, I was aware of the shadow of a frigate bird stretching across the sand from my knees to the waves.  I was hiking in the Blue Mountains of Oregon.  I came to an escarpment overlooking the La Grande valley.  The valley spread out a 1000 feet below me, and as I sat on a knife ridge lighting played in the clouds 30 miles to the south.  Again, time stood still and I was enveloped a warm yellow haze.  I’ve been on the top of mountains when the static electricity had my hair standing on end and I knew lighting was immanent.  This was not like that.  It was more like being in the presence of God.  Nature is definitely my church.

  • Finally, take your self on an artist date.  Schedule some time each month to go on a date with the artist within you.  If you like drawing, draw.  If you like hiking, hike.  If you always wanted to sky dive, do it.  Look at the thing you want to do most each month and schedule the time to do it.

Bear in mind, we are not talking about the deep physiological depressions that need professional help. We are talking about the kind of depression resulting from overwork and stress.  This kind of depression can be very debilitating consequences if not dealt with.  Understand you control your mind.  You can decide whether or not you want to make the changes necessary to deal with your depression.  A positive point of view is essential.  If you don’t think you can make a change, you won’t even try.  Find a mentor you admire and ask for help.  Hang out around positive people who are accomplishing what you want to accomplish.  Above all else, take time for your self.

Build resilience into your life.  If you are chasing you tail, STOP.  Focus on the important things in your life.  Carve out at least 4 hours per week to work on what is important to you. Of course, The more effort you exert the faster you will accomplish your dreams.

Aside from family there are two things that are important to me.  One is to leave a better earth for my kids and yours.  The second is to earn enough money to be able to do the first.

I produce an environmental documentary every month.  It takes the better part of a week to shoot and edit.  I try to spend a day a week maintaining my home.  Cut the grass; prune the trees; you know the drill. The rest of the time I concentrate on business.  Oh, I forgot to mention,  I give a lot of my time away to the Kaneohe Neighborhood Board and a lot of other causes.  Business happens in the middle of the night and 9-11 in the morning and from 6:30-8:30 in the evening.  At night I do internet and direct mail marketing.  During the day, I’m following up with prospects and clients.  When I have a paying gig, that takes priority, but I’m trying to avoid the pit falls of a traditional business.  It is to easy to get caught up in the 24/7 always on duty of a home business.  I look for work-from-anywhere businesses where sales become automatic and my time is leveraged by my websites and the people I am working with.

I concentrate on building teams and benefiting from their work, so I can do what I want, when I want.  When you build financial resilience into your life, you will no longer have to worry about your cash flow.  Do you have the time and money to live your dream?  If not, make a change.  Join my team and we will create our financial freedom together.