Alzheimer’s Disease in a Dish

Alzheimer’s disease is an oncoming epidemic as boomer’s age.

The Alzheimer disease epidemic will intensify as boomer’s age.

Early signs alzheimer disease include failure to remember recently learned information, confusion and difficulty solving problems. Medical care for Alzheimer’s patients is expected to exceed a trillion dollars annually within the next 20 years. brain160222

Dr Rudolph Tanzi, a leader in Alzheimer’s research, has developed a revolutionary new tool to study the disease. He and his team developed a method to grow brain cells in a dish where they can watch the development of plaques and tangles that are the cause of Alzheimer’s disease. The technique provides a way to test the effect of thousands of potential treatments quickly and cheaply.

While it will be years before effective treatments to slow or even stop the progression of Alzheimer’s disease can be developed brain cells in a dish is a major research break through.

In the mean time, we know that life style has a major impact on the progression of the disease. Keep your brain young by keeping it active. Learn new things. Study a language or learn a musical instrument. Even learn to program a computer. Anything that exercises the little grey cells will help. So will a low-fat diet. Just as a low-fat diet keeps plaque from building up in your arteries, it keeps the sticky stuff from building up in your brain. We know the brain cleans itsself during deep REM sleep. To keep your brain healthy, get plenty of active exercise, eat a low fat diet, get plenty of sleep and continued active learning.

We know that our genes play an important role in whether we develop Alzheimer’s. We also know that 80% of degenerative diseases are caused by our environment. A National Geographic study of communities around the world where an unusual number of people lived a healthy active life into their hundreds had several traits in common. A low-fat diet, an active life style, strong family ties and a life lived with purpose can give us at least 10 extra years of quality life.

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