Computer Notes

Woman using computer
I’ve been helping people use computers for over 30 years.  This section of this website will share some of what I have learned.  In Computer Notes we will share the computer tools we  use to make our lives more productive.

I’m an Apple shop so my tips will have a strong Apple and cross platform slant.  For the past 5 years, I have specialized in Internet Marketing. 

This website is devoted to helping you live a purposeful, quality life. We want to help you manage your life and career so you accomplish those things in life that are important to you. Our emphasis is on using the internet to accomplish your goals. We are futurists looking at present trends in the workplace and anticipating how you must adapt in order to stay relevant in the workplace.

Some people will want to design a career based on working for others. Some will want to work for themselves. We recommend you do both at first until your side gig is creating a comfortable income. When your side gig generates a passive income that can pay your living expenses and have a bit left over, a whole world of opportunity open up for you.

We go into detail about how to build and promote your website at Building your brand is important whether you are working up the corporate ladder or building your own business. We will help you share your interests and your skills with the world. Who knows you and what you can do can make a huge difference in your career.