Working together

Working together

We are people who want to leave a better world for our kids.  In striving for a quality life, we need to understand the people around us and our environment. Our health and longevity is determined 20% by our genes and 80% by our environment. We must thank our parents for our genes, but we can control our environment.

We know we cannot change others, we can only change our selves. We can make the small changes that can dramatically extend our lives.  Big changes like finding a new job or dealing with climate change may be beyond our control or it may be a long term goal that takes global cooperation.

Our newsletter and our forum discusses our environment and ways we can become more resilient both personally and financially. We will be focusing on ways to get more involved in our Windward Oahu community and things to do here. We will also look at environmental issues and how you can volunteer on projects that make a huge difference in our community.

Since I believe everyone should have a second income they can fall back on in an emergency, we will also be looking at ways you can use the internet to create additional income or to build any organization.

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