Back up or loose it

When it comes to backing up my data, I’m a fanatic I have had too many clients who had a hard drive crash and who had forgotten to back up important data.

[one_third_first]Back in the day when we were backing up to floppy disks, I would recommend to my clients that they backup their accounting data on a floppy and take that floppy to a safe deposit box at their bank. That way, they wouldn’t be out of business if they had a fire or other disaster.Hana-Like-Logo[/one_third_first]

Now it’s easy. With Apple equipment we use the Apple Time Machine for local backup and backup to the cloud for off-site backup. Now, we can automated the proces so you never forget to back up a document. With Windows equipment it’s a little more complicated in that you have to use a RAID system which will automatically mirror your primary hard drive to a second drive. An automatic real-time backup to the cloud eliminates the need for local backup. Just be sure the restoration process is simple and that it maintains the folder structure that you have set up on your hard drive.
I use a program called “gotBackup” that not only backs up all my data but gives me access to individual files from anywhere I have an Internet connection. Some people worry about Internet security, but while nothing is perfect, gotBackup uses the same level of encryption that banks and credit card companies use.

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