New science articles A Dire Warning

New science articles report the dire warning of scientist from around the world. Humans are well on their way to ruining the planet.

Problems we face include:

  • Climate Change,
  • Access to fresh water,
  • massive deforestation as raging wildfires convert forest to grassland and conversion of forest to agriculture continues unchecked.
  • the number of wild-caught fish (a marker of the health of global fisheries).
  • The number of ocean dead zones has increased.
  • The human population grew by a whopping 2 billion in the last 50 years and the trend is accelerating,
  • The challenge of feeding a growing population
  • the populations of all other mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish have declined by nearly 30 percent in 50 years and we are facing the 6th great extinction.

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A harbinger for things to come?

Today is a historic day with the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States.

Soon after confirmation, the following issues were removed from

  • Health Care
  • Civil Rights
  • LGBT
  • Immigration
  • Climate Change

The Spanish translation and Accessibility links were removed from the bottom of the page. All of these things may be restored but for now, we don’t know if, when, or what they will look like.

The role of a Progressive in a Trump Administration

Dateline 11/27/16   The sermon today was based on the Golden Rule and how we might respond to a Trump Presidency.

There are two reasonable scenarios for a Trump Presidency:

  1. We know he is a man with a thirst for power and an admiration for the leadership style of strongmen like Putin. Will he push this country toward a police state? We will have to wait and see.
  2. I think it is more likely he will move towards letting the States make the decision as to what is import to them. In which case, Progressives will have to be well organized and work hard to maintain the values they believe in.  Effective local political action will be vital.

What state you live in is going to have a profound effect on your life.  In the south, we could easily see the return of Jim Crow and the privatization of the public school system.

The Golden Rule is a fundamental belief in nearly all religions. We have to continue to base our action on our values and on our beliefs.

With Republicans controlling the Congress, Judiciary and the Presidency, lobbying the Federal Government is probably a waste of time. Mr. Trump will eliminate Federal support for anything that interferes with unrestricted business. He will privatize our school system, defund the Office of Environmental Quality, Commercialize our National Parks and make the Forest Service business first. In short, President Trump will undo everything I have worked all my life for.

We must continue to work for the community we believe in at the local level in our State and County Governments, and we must do so without expecting help from the Federal Government. That could have major impacts on Hawaii where one-third of our economy depends on the Federal Government.

In a world of uncertainty, we must be prepared to take care of ourselves and our families. Think about what could happen and how likely it is to happen. How bad will it be when it does happen. Now, plan to respond.

In all things, we must live by our values. Values guide our conscience. Our values form our character. Values are the Golden Rule and the 10 Commandments, Our values are things like honesty, loyalty, helping others, or our values may be making money, winning, destroying you opposition and cheating the sucker. Values guide how we live and how we relate to others. If you value helping others and you have a job selling cigarettes, you need to find another job.

Ever notice how people with common values seem to share common interests? You will follow your Pastor. Church leaders teach values, so it would make sense that the Churches followers would have common values. Don’t be afraid to share your values. Sure, some people will be turned off by you. That is OK. They are people who you don’t have anything in common with anyway.

In business, you want to attract a following. These people are your customers and potential customers. Your job is to make them your friends. Friends buy from friends and friends recommend friends. It works the other way too. You are friends with people who share your values. Associate with people who have accomplished what you want to accomplish and learn from them how you can live your dreams.

Global Collaboration Tools

My mission is to help people around the world become more resilient in the face of an ever more chaotic world.

Global World

We can change world using small groups working for common goals.

We must work on our local problems because that is where our ability lies. But regional and global problems require a common effort. We must bring local groups together to solve global problems. The International Union of Conservationists for Nature (IUCN)is the oldest and largest international conservation organization in the world. Their approach is to coördinate and support the conservation efforts of local groups. In our modern world the person who controls the data has the power.

For instance, ivory poaching is not just a problem for Kenya, it is a global problem because China and the USA are the biggest world markets for black market blood ivory.  The internet gives us the tools we need to share local problems with the world and to find the support needed to solve major environmental problems.

Globalization gives us both problems and opportunities.  One thing we know is that globalization will continue in ways that are difficult to imagine. If we are to use globalization effectively and for the benefit of humanity we must access and share appropriate data. We know applications that help people work together must be easy to use and immediately functional.  The cloud facilitates access to common data which can be used by geographically diverse teams in real-time. The problem is to pull it all together in a way that facilitates team building.

Building effective global teams become exponentially more difficult as projects become more complex.

Leadership for changing the world must work with local teams from around the world to build team trust and commitment to common goals. Leaders must understand cultural differences and work to improve cultural sensitivity within the team.


Illegal Bed and Breakfasts

Illegal Bed and Breakfasts

Illegal short-term vacation rentals are a growing problem in Hawaii.

They degrade residential neighborhoods, create shortages of long-term rentals and force up the rent on those properties still on the long-term rental market.

Thank you to everyone who submitted testimony to oppose HB1850! 84 people submitted testimony opposing the bill because illegal vacation rentals destroy affordable housing and our neighborhoods. The House Finance Committee hearing was heavily attended by people opposing the bill. Despite that, HB1850 passed with amendments. Once again, our politicians aren’t listening to us.

I OPPOSE HB1850 because:

  • it would allow companies like Airbnb to collect and remit taxes without any way of verifying that the amount they remit is anywhere near what the vacation rental owners owe;
  • it doesn’t hold companies like Airbnb responsible for making sure these vacation rental listings are legal or illegal;

Illegal vacation rentals are a growing problem in our state, and this bill does nothing to fix it. They’re a problem not just because they aren’t paying their fair share of taxes, but also because:

  • Illegal vacation rentals take away affordable housing for local people;
  • Illegal vacation rentals hurt our economy by directly competing with full-service hotels that provide good, local jobs;
  • Illegal vacation rentals are essentially illegal hotel operations in our own backyards. This impacts safety, parking, and the overall character of our neighborhoods.
 We can still kill HB1850 and its companion bill SB2693 SD 1. You can help:
  • Contact your State Representative and Senator and tell them you OPPOSE HB1850 and SB2693 SD1.
    • To find out who your Representative and Senator, visit the State Capitol website: On the top-right corner, enter your street name next to “Find Your Legislator.”
  • Contact these legislators as well and tell them you OPPOSE HB1850 and SB2693 SD1:
  • You can still submit late testimony! To submit testimony, sign in at, click on Submit Testimony and enter the bill number (HB1850 and SB2693). You can submit full written testimony or fill out the web form with comments.

To submit testimony, sign in at, click on Submit Testimony and enter the bill number (HB1850). You can submit full written testimony, fill out the web form with comments, or testify in person. Don’t have an account? Email with your support.

Work Local while collaborating Globally

Work Local while collaborating Globally

Went to a talk by Injer Andersen, Director General of the International Union of Conservation for Nature. She emphasized the environmental challenges which will face us in the company challenge and pointed out we are at a tipping point.  For the first time, the human race can make the earth unlivable.  She pointed out the decisions we make today will determine the quality of life of our children.

She pointed out that for the first time, the nations of the earth have come together to address the global problems posed by climate change.  She pointed out the contribution of NGOs and of businesses to addressing environmental problems. Technology gives us tools to address local environmental problems and to work together globally to provide support for global initiatives.

The lecture series is sponsored by Hawaii Pacific University and one of their environmental science majors asked how he can create a career that will make a difference.  Ms Andersen respond to find a job with a company that is working in an environmentally sustainable way.  Personally, I think he needs more freedom that working for someone else’s dreams.  He needs to develop a business that works with the environmental issues we face.

For instance the World Conservation Conference is coming to Hawaii next fall.  We are working to bring a group of young journalists to Hawaii.  We will teach them to use modern digital video to document the conference.  We will then put our videos up on the internet so people who cannot attend can benefit from the Conference lectures and workshops.  When these journalists return home, the will take their new gained knowledge with them and will be able to document the environmental work going on at home.  The solutions to our environmental and social justice problems lie in being able to work locally, and being able to gain support for our work through global collaboration.