Live with purpose. Know what you want to accomplish in you life.

What life do you want?

What life do you want?

The National Geographic made a study of communities around the world where people live exceptionally long lives. They found nine common elements among those communities. They were things like an active lifestyle, a low-fat diet, a supportive ohana and living with purpose. 

For me, living with purpose is most important. One of the things I want to do is to help people be more resilient personally and financially. Futurists and project managers define a future scenario they want to accomplish. Then they work backward to break the project down into measurable steps.  When you check off an accomplishment, you know you are moving towards your goal and it motivates you to continue.

Living with purpose will lead to a happier, longer, and more productive life. I talked with people from the Blue Zone Project. We discussed living with purpose and some of the other things you can do to live longer, better and achieve those things that are important to you. Check out our conversation by clicking here.


Time – It is your life

Time – It is your life


No one knows how much time they will have on this earth. It is up to us to make good use of the time we have. If someone wants you to do something and you cannot say, “Hell YES, I want to do this” give them a polite “NO.”

I am a strong believer in living my life with purpose and with resilience. Knowing your reason for being is important because your purpose should guide everything you do. If a goal you have set is not consistent with your reason for living, you are on the wrong track. If your purpose and your values are not in alignment with what you have to do at work, you have the wrong job.

Being resilient is important for two reasons:

  1. Being resilient prepares you to respond to opportunities.
  2. Being resilient means you can spring back from adversity quickly.

There are three aspects to resilient living:

  1. Opportunity When you see an opportunity you want to pursue, become an expert on the subject. Study everything you can about the opportunity. Then share your new ability with others. You must create a team of fans who want to know what you know and some of whom will want to work with you.
  2. Preparedness You must prepare to deal with whatever life throws your way. Think about the risks you face. What will you do when a natural disaster strikes? Can you deal with an accident? How will you deal with a serious illness? The answer boils down to having the supplies financial resources you need to respond and recover.
  3. Income Taking advantage of an opportunity and preparing for emergencies depends on having an adequate income. If you are living paycheck to paycheck your choices are limited.

Plan to carry out your purpose

Successful people know what they want to do in their lives and, They have a written plan to guide the steps they must take to succeed. When you define your purpose, you priorities will change.

Make sure you keep balance in your life. People’s lives are complex. Understand what is important in you life.

You have many demands on your life:

  • Your faith
  • Your family
  • a job
  • Personal time
  • Community Service
  • and more

I try to assign a day of the week when I will devote a couple of hours a day to one of the things that is important to me.

  • Sunday for faith.
  • Saturday Home and family.
  • Monday and Wed my business.
  • Tuesday, Community Service.

You get the idea. It is only a guide. I usually have to shift things around, but it helps me be sure important things are not neglected.


When you first start implementing your plan you may have to do everything yourself. I guarantee that will not be the most efficient use of your time.

Is yard work something you enjoy or something you must do. How about washing your windows? Do you do it because you cannot afford to hire someone to do it for you? How are you going to do what is important to you, if you constantly have to do things that are not important? If you want to do more, you are either going to have to delegate cutting the lawn to your kids or hire a yard service. If you cannot do either you will have to set priorities. Cut the lawn once a month instead of once a week and devote the other 6 hours to more important things.

Time is the one resource in your life that you cannot store. You can spend your time watching TV, playing with your kids or building your business. How you spend your time determines what you do with your life.


Planning our future

Globalization and technology have changed the world.

RobotThe only thing we can be sure of is to change will only accelerate. Everything I read emphasizes the sharp divide between the outlook for unskilled labor versus the future for creative people.

Routine labor will be replaced by robots and algorithms. We can expect 25% of our white-collar jobs will be replaced by machines in the next 10 years. In isolated locations where jobs are scarce, only people who can develop a work-from-anywhere Internet business will have a secure financial future.

Creative people will always be in demand.

It is important to plan for the future. When I talk about planning for the future, I’m not just talking about investing in a 401(k). We have to plan for the big changes brought on by technology, globalization and the changing environment.

Kaneohe/Kahalu’u Hazard Awarness Program(KKHARP)

KKHARP holds its meetings every 4th Tuesday (6:30) at the LDS church near King Intermediate School.

Last night (2/23/16) we discussed how the public is warned of impending emergencies.

From sirens to those annoying streamers across your TV screen, we are probably aware of most of the ways we get a warning. You may not know about nixle which streams warnings to any smart phone. It even works on some not so smart phones. Go to and at the bottom of the screen enter your zip code. That will take you to a screen which will display all the announcements related to your community.

I recommend you go to settings and eliminate everything except Honolulu Department of Emergency Management. You may want to eliminate community announcements. This is the way I have set up my Nixle:

Nixle settings

You can join Nixle from your smart phone, but you can only adjust the settings from your computer.

Of course, it is important to get current information, but you must know how to respond to the information you get. For instance in a Tsunami alert, do not try to get out of Waikiki. Go to above the 3rd floor on any reinforced concrete highrise. The hotels have to let you in.

Next month we will be discussing personal preparedness. Then in March we start a series of 4 meeting designed to help us maximize our community resilience.

Because the emergency response in Kaneohe will be much different from in Kahaluu, we need to form two committees to help inventory our resources and plan our response. The one thing our two communities hold in common is, it is quite possible we will be cut off from the town side of the island. Kahaluu has a serious problem that must be incorporated into their planning. A hurricane or tsunami can make Kamehameha Hwy impassable and communities will be cut off for an extended time.

You have missed a lot, but it is not to late for you to be involved. We have a core group of about 30 people but we need you. If you want to volunteer, come to our next meeting or click the button [thrive_link color=’red’ link=’’ target=’_blank’ size=’small’ align=”]Drop us a note[/thrive_link]

Do you have a message?

- Version 2If you have a message to share you need a website.

If you have a website you need traffic.

If you have traffic you need an auto-responder and an opt-in list.

If you have an opt-in list you need you need to build a relationship of trust with your list.

The message I want to convey is, we must leave a better life to our kids.

You need to have a website to use to convey your message.  But, a website without traffic is a waste of time.

Click here and follow the guidelines to help people and the search engines find your website.  While you are there check out the green “Starting Now” button in the top left corner of your screen.  The lesson is free and when you complete it you will have your website up and you will know how to promote your site.

I can help you get started. If you have any questions, drop me a note and I will find you the answer.

Do you have a message you want to share with the world?

Do you want to prepare for an emergency?

Do you want more free time to do what you want?

Do you need to create a dependable, monthly income?

 [thrive_link color=’blue’ link=’’ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ align=’aligncenter’]Please send me more information[/thrive_link]


The smart light bulb is here

LIFX raised an incredible 1.3 million dollars with this simple video and kickstart.  Talk about modern technology for more resilient living.  LIFX saves you money and makes life easier.  It is energy-efficient LED lighting at its best.  Think about how Kickstart can help finance your projects.  This video is short.  It shows exactly what the project is and it ends with how a contributor can benefit by helping fund the project.