Work in the 21st Century

The 21st Century workforce is changing faster than could ever be imagined.

Globalization and new technology are changing the kinds of jobs that are available. Manufacturing jobs are being replaced by smart machines. Cash register clerks will be sensors that know what you took off the shelf and charge your credit card as you leave the store. No lines and no waiting. Truck drivers will be replaced by self-driving trucks. How is your job going to be affected? If your work is routine and repetitive, it will be gone in 10 years.

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The City will be installing a gravity sewer main on Ha’iku Road from Kahakili Hwy to Kamehameha Hwy. A meeting will be held September 15 from 6:30 to 8:30 at Ha’iku Elementary School to inform the public about the project and to discuss the EA. The official announcement can be viewed by clicking here: haiku-road-bypass-sewer

SB3034 Marcy’s Law as of 4/19/16

Marcy’s law is legislation to ensure the victim has rights as well as the accused. The legislation assures the victim standing in court and requires the victim be notified as to the status of the perpetrator. The victim can participate in parole hearings and will be notified if the perpetrator is released from prison. There is more and if you want the details click here.

If you believe victims of crime should have rights defined in law, encourage these legislators to pass SB3034.

SB3034 is in Conference.  Conference Committees do not take testimony so the only way to influence this legislation is to talk directly with Conference Committee Members.  Call today. Time is short.

House Conferees are:
Rhoads, 586-6180 and LoPresti, 586-6080 are Co-Chairs of the committee
House Committee Members are
San Buenaventura, 586-6530
Pouha, 586-6380

Senate Conferees are:
Keith-Agaran 586-7344 Chair; Tokuda 587-7215 Co-Chair;
Senate Committee member Gabbard. 586-6830

Kaneohe/Kahalu’u Hazard Awarness Program(KKHARP)

KKHARP holds its meetings every 4th Tuesday (6:30) at the LDS church near King Intermediate School.

Last night (2/23/16) we discussed how the public is warned of impending emergencies.

From sirens to those annoying streamers across your TV screen, we are probably aware of most of the ways we get a warning. You may not know about nixle which streams warnings to any smart phone. It even works on some not so smart phones. Go to and at the bottom of the screen enter your zip code. That will take you to a screen which will display all the announcements related to your community.

I recommend you go to settings and eliminate everything except Honolulu Department of Emergency Management. You may want to eliminate community announcements. This is the way I have set up my Nixle:

Nixle settings

You can join Nixle from your smart phone, but you can only adjust the settings from your computer.

Of course, it is important to get current information, but you must know how to respond to the information you get. For instance in a Tsunami alert, do not try to get out of Waikiki. Go to above the 3rd floor on any reinforced concrete highrise. The hotels have to let you in.

Next month we will be discussing personal preparedness. Then in March we start a series of 4 meeting designed to help us maximize our community resilience.

Because the emergency response in Kaneohe will be much different from in Kahaluu, we need to form two committees to help inventory our resources and plan our response. The one thing our two communities hold in common is, it is quite possible we will be cut off from the town side of the island. Kahaluu has a serious problem that must be incorporated into their planning. A hurricane or tsunami can make Kamehameha Hwy impassable and communities will be cut off for an extended time.

You have missed a lot, but it is not to late for you to be involved. We have a core group of about 30 people but we need you. If you want to volunteer, come to our next meeting or click the button [thrive_link color=’red’ link=’’ target=’_blank’ size=’small’ align=”]Drop us a note[/thrive_link]

Alzheimer’s Disease in a Dish

Alzheimer’s disease is an oncoming epidemic as boomer’s age.

The Alzheimer disease epidemic will intensify as boomer’s age.

Early signs alzheimer disease include failure to remember recently learned information, confusion and difficulty solving problems. Medical care for Alzheimer’s patients is expected to exceed a trillion dollars annually within the next 20 years. brain160222

Dr Rudolph Tanzi, a leader in Alzheimer’s research, has developed a revolutionary new tool to study the disease. He and his team developed a method to grow brain cells in a dish where they can watch the development of plaques and tangles that are the cause of Alzheimer’s disease. The technique provides a way to test the effect of thousands of potential treatments quickly and cheaply.

While it will be years before effective treatments to slow or even stop the progression of Alzheimer’s disease can be developed brain cells in a dish is a major research break through.

In the mean time, we know that life style has a major impact on the progression of the disease. Keep your brain young by keeping it active. Learn new things. Study a language or learn a musical instrument. Even learn to program a computer. Anything that exercises the little grey cells will help. So will a low-fat diet. Just as a low-fat diet keeps plaque from building up in your arteries, it keeps the sticky stuff from building up in your brain. We know the brain cleans itsself during deep REM sleep. To keep your brain healthy, get plenty of active exercise, eat a low fat diet, get plenty of sleep and continued active learning.

We know that our genes play an important role in whether we develop Alzheimer’s. We also know that 80% of degenerative diseases are caused by our environment. A National Geographic study of communities around the world where an unusual number of people lived a healthy active life into their hundreds had several traits in common. A low-fat diet, an active life style, strong family ties and a life lived with purpose can give us at least 10 extra years of quality life.

The Blue Zone Project has come to Windward Oahu with the purpose of helping us make the small changes that will make big changes in our quality of life. To learn more click the button below and let us know you want to improve the health and life style of yourself and your family.

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