Ko’olau Sustainable Communities Plan

Ko'olaupoko Sustainable Communities Plan

The Ko’olaupoko Sustainable Communities Plan (KSCP) will guide the future of Windward Oahu for the next generation.

If you are concerned about the Kaneohe we leave our kids know what is in this plan and let our planning officials know what you think. You can find the plan on line here.

This review reflects my interests. I skipped over many sections of this plan because my interest and expertise is in ecosystem management and community resilience. Review the sections of the plan that interest you and share your opinion here and with the plan authors when the plan goes to public review in late summer 2016. If you want to add to this review, send your comments to bsager42@gmail.com.

The following information is my review of the KSCP. It includes my comments and the areas of concern of some of the people I am working with in Kaneohe. When you review this plan keep in mind that the devil is in the details and the details are in the implementation section and in the Appendix. My primary concerns are shown in bold.

#KSCP Should be carefully reviewed by an editor who knows what a complete sentence is.

Page 1-5 Line 15 Identify those streams whose estuaries are important to fishery spawning and that provide important habitat for native species that move between fresh water and the ocean and specify minimum stream flows necessary to maintain healthy ecosystems.

Page 2-7 Line 34 Add: Identify those streams important to sustain native species and define the minimum stream flow necessary in those streams to maintain healthy native ecosystems. Take measures to minimize the impact of alien fish species on native species.

Chapter 3 Page 24-25 discusses golf courses.

Chapter 3 Page 26 discusses cemeteries.

Chapter 4 Page 6 Discusses alternate transportation, complete streets and bike lanes.

Page 4-17 Irrigation Water diverted from an ahupua’a has an adverse effect on minimum stream flow and the biologic health of the stream. Irrigation diversions limited to maintaining minimum stream flows necessary to provide water for local farmers and the ecological health of the stream system.

Page 4-33 Reference to managing non-point source pollution.

Maintenance of streams should be streamline by pre-planning maintenance access. Where possible channelizing should be avoided and where it is necessary Channeling should mimic the natural stream flow and incorporate landscaping to minimize advert visual impacts. Non-point source pollution is addressed in Sec 3.1..3.4 on page 5/16

Community resilience is addressed in 4.8 on page 4/39

Page 4/40 addresses shelters at line 17 We do not have adequate shelter managers to open more than one shelter in Koolaupoko. City employees should be trained and assigned responsibility for managing shelters.

The city DEM expects citizen volunteers to create local community resilience plans. This is beyond the capability of volunteers. DEM should push community resilience planning to the local level with funding sufficient to conduct community inventories and mobilization plans.

Page 4-41 Line 23 add: DEM to conduct an inventory of community emergency recover resources and develop community recovery plans.

Table 5.1 page 5-13

Improve the sites that have been acquired for Waihe‘e Valley Nature Park and Waikāne Nature Preserve in a manner that preserves the area’s natural scenic quality and provides educational and passive recreation opportunities including removal of unexploded ordinance.

Page 5.16

Prepare wildlife preserve management plans emphasizing conservation and restoration of native plants, birds, fish and invertebrates including public education, interpretation and access consistent with bird watching and other recreational and management objectives consistent with the primary objectives of the preserve.

Golf Courses, Page 5-17

Cemeteries: The plan provides for the expansion of Hawaii Memorial Park

Cemeteries, Page 5-17 and A-2 Thereafter, the CGB heads north to the 26 Likelike Highway and Kahekili Highway intersection before heading south and 27 then east along the residential district of Keapuka towards and encompassing 28 most of Hawaiian Memorial Park and the Hawai‘i State Veterans Cemetery 29 before heading northeast to Kokokahi.

Page 5-19

Pursue the development of greenways along the following streams and drainage channels: Kāne‘ohe Stream, from Kāne‘ohe Bay to Kahekili Highway; Kawainui Stream, from Kailua Bay to Kawainui Marsh; Kawa Stream, from Mokulele Drive to Kāne‘ohe Bay Drive; and Ka‘elepulu Stream, from Kailua Bay to Ka‘elepulu Pond.

Kawa Stream is the most sediment polluted stream on Oahu. Find the source of the sediment and stabilize it.

5-19 Historic Sites

review the appropriateness of the automatic listing of homes older than 50 years as historic.

A-5 Ag Areas Areas in the country district, except those parcels immediately adjoining a 40 residential district lying within the Community Growth Boundary; This allows gradual elimination of ag land by “straightening” the CGB.