On behalf of Transparency

I am generally considered progressive, whatever that means. I have always thought of myself as fiscal conservative social liberal.  I know I  have been an advocate for a sustainable environment all my life, and I am a proud Democrat.

Now you know what kind of bias to expect on this site.  You are welcome to express your opinion provided you respect others and make no personal attacks. 

I support most of the Sanders platform You can view it herehttps://berniesanders.com/issues/
The Hawaii for Sanders website is herehttp://hawaiiforbernie.com/ It is very basic and hasn’t been updated since May 2016. It is an independent effort and is not associated with the Democratic Party.

The Beginnings

A small group of progressive activists met with Gov Abercrombie on 10/26/16. These are my notes on our meeting:
Governor Abercrombie believes the best way to change politics in Hawaii is the go back to the multi-member districts, and to create a “We’re for you” political machine. By machine, he means an organization powerful enough to influence elections. He believes successful politicians must understand people’s problems and convince people that they can help them resolve those problems.
He warned that anyone who seeks office can expect the vilest kind of Trump style politics.
He wanted us to know the Bernie Revolution (https://berniesanders.com/issues/) is not new. He and Bernie and others promoted the program for 30 plus years .
He recommended reaching out to Sen Schatz and supporting him and his programs.  He believes Schatz is progressive and a position to do great things for Hawaii.

The Path Forward

1. We form an organization associated with but outside of the Democratic Party with the stated purpose of continuing the Sanders Revolution. The nucleus of this already exists and manifested itself at the State Convention. This should consist of a 501(C)3, a 501(C)4 and a PAC. A C3 can accept tax-exempt donations and can work on issues. A C4 can educate the public about candidates records and what they stand for. A PAC can actually support a candidate.
2. Each of those organizations needs by-laws and all need to conform to a set of positions progressives support, basically the Sanders platform. https://berniesanders.com/issues/
3. These organizations need a business plan and within the business plan, a vital part of the plan will be a marketing plan.
4. The Democratic Party provides a Job Description for Precinct Chairs. We need to find Precinct Chairs who actually want to do the job, train them and help the Progressive wing of the party become active at the District and Precinct level. Above all, we need to make sure every District has a progressive candidate running for office. 
Governor Abercrombie pointed out that many of the party powerful are not progressive and in many cases, they support conservative values or even worse, their own self-interest.
Finally, we need to start building our public presence now. We can do that by making sure grassroots politics at the District level is alive and well. Nothing replaces face-to-face discussions, but the internet can supplement face-to-face meetings. We can create a website, build an option-in email list, and use bulk email, social media and webinars to stay in touch with and encourage our members.
There is plenty to do and we need your help; your country needs your help.  [thrive_link color=’blue’ link=’https://resilientlivingtips.sendlane.com/form/13960′ target=’_blank’ size=’medium’ align=’right’]I want to help[/thrive_link]