Why Kumuwaiwai

Soar to new hieghts

Soar to new heights

We want to help you build a solid foundation for your financial resilience.

Financial resilience requires a passive income and a diversified portfolio.  You can build a passive income by investing in the market, but it takes time. You have to make a good income so you can afford to invest.  I do not believe the stock market is a good risk unless you are willing to become an expert in technical trading and you track the market carefully.  A stock market crash can wipe you out overnight unless are smart enough to see the bubble ready to burst.

You can create a good passive income in a relatively short time when you create a business of your own.  The internet has changed the business paradigm. You can reach out to the world using the internet.  Use the net to build any business or organization.  We can help.

You need a website and you need to know how to promote your website.

Smart Internet Marketers (IMs) know their income depends on a strong opt-in email list of people interested in what they are doing.  They need traffic coming to their website, and they need to convert that traffic into an opt-in list of people who know, like and trust them.

We believe in helping you learn to do-it-yourself.

If you donʻt have time for DIY, we can do it for you.  If you outsource, you need to know enough about IM so you are sure you are getting your moneyʻs worth. We look for business opportunities that are easy to duplicate, inexpensive to start and have a low monthly overhead.  We only recommend products we use. Or, if our recommendations are based on research rather than personal experience, we will tell you the basis for our recommendation. Know that we believe in affiliate marketing and we make commissions on many of the products we recommend.

Selection criteria.

Companies and products we recommend must be high quality and competitively priced. We do not want employees or inventory, so we look for digital products or products that are drop shipped. Most people have busy lives, so they must fit building their business around their schedules. Above all else, businesses we recommend must have the potential to produce unlimited income.

Of course, if you already are producing a product or service, we can help you use the internet to build your business in whatever niche you choose.

Our mission is to help you build a business that will enable you to live your dreams.

We believe in giving.  People we respect share their success with us. We share what we know with others.  We all benefit by working together to achieve our dreams.

We dream of a better world where people live Aloha.  We believe in sharing our abundance and not hoarding our scarcity.

The secret to success… Sharing consistently.