WORK Book Review

In her book “WORK” Carleen MacKay provides a multi-generational guide to WORK in the Early 21st Century.

In an inviting and easy reading format, this guide tells you what changes are happening in our world of work and why they matter to you.

You will find out why the once-upon-a time-talk about jobs has become a powerful discussion about many ways to work. Learn why you cannot depend on finding a job with a big company or even the Government, work up the ladder and have a career within one company. Job’s for life are rare and will get rarer. You will learn why you have to manage your career as a business and how a wingman or wingwomen can help you succeed.

The book looks at modern careers from the standpoint of a young person just coming out of school, from the standpoint of the mid-career person stuck in a job that is no longer fulfilling and from the perspectives of an elderly person who must continue working to survive. The book presents you with best and worst case scenarios career stage by career stage. It is predictive and future-focused

Finally, the book wraps up by giving you a strategic overview that will help you get from where you are now to where you dream of being! Your wingman will help you develop your strategic plan using 6 simple rules of 21st century work.

Join us and watch your career soar on the winds of change.

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